East Vicariate Mass

Bishop McGovern is scheduling visits to each of the six Vicariates of the Diocese after his consecration and installation as our Bishop. Here in the East Vicariate, he will preside at Mass on Saturday, August 1 at 5:00 pm at St. Joseph Church-Olney. (There will be NO 4:00 pm MASS at Holy Cross this day.) Due to the restrictions that are in place, the number of people that can attend is severely limited. There are 11 parishes in the East Vicariate, with our church capacity being 80. This means each parish is limited to 8 people. In the four parishes that I pastor, there will be a lottery for each of the 8 spots. Go online, just as you do to sign up for mass to list your name for the possibility of attending this mass with Bishop McGovern.



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