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St. Joseph Catholic Church Olney, Illinois School
St. Joseph School Opportunities
St. Joseph Catholic Church Olney, Illinois School


To give guidance in the areas of sportsmanship and fellowship among the players and participants. Time commitment for coaching is approximately 12 hours per week.

Contact Person: Jodi Schneider
Telephone: 618-869-2353


St Joseph School and Church has a program of recycling aluminum cans, plastic bags and other materials. The proceeds from the sale of these recyclables benefi t the St. Joseph School. You can leave your cans and other recyclables in designated containers on the school campus. You are not being asked to serve on a “committee” with this ministry, but please indicate with the code number below on your commitment card if you are willing to participate in our recycling efforts.

Contact Person: Carl Kocher
Telephone: 618-869-2318

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